The EFIS737 to reproduce the EFIS selector, which can be found in the Boeing 737Ng cockpit, on the glareshield panel, on the left and on the right-hand side of the MCP. The EFIS737 can be seen as a logical extension of the CPFlight MCP737 and can only be used in conjunction with the MCP737. The HT is for the EL version of CPFlight.


This module is for the configuration settings for the PFD/ND displays.

The EFIS is connected to and controlled by the MCP which, in turn, is connected to the ICS system.
The F/O side, I am using a dummy. Therefore, only the panel without the electronics.







  • A Full-scale replica, or a Boeing EFI737 selector.
  • Custom Engravity backlighting frontplate.
  • Custom MAP buttons with backlighting text.
  • 2 rotary encoders with push in switch for MINS and BARO adjustment.
  • Knobs: with symbols.
  • 2 exchange switches with three positions for VOR/ADF selection.
  • 4 position rotary switch with push in for display mode selection.
  • 8 position rotary switch with push in for ND range and TFC selection.
  • 2 round pushbuttons for FPV and METER selection.
  • 5 pole connection cable and fixing clamp provided.
  • Am/fm RADIO / BARO and IN/HPA selection ( push and rotate simultaneously ).
  • Compatible with FSX Boeing 737-800, Prosim737, Project Magenta, PMDG, LVLD767 and Sim-Avionics.


  • Am/Fm Radio / Baro
  • First
  • Jan's Height
  • Fpv
  • Amount
  • IN/HR
  • Standard
  • Altimeter Press
  • VOR1, OFF1, ADF1
  • The Mode Selector, And
  • The Range Selector
  • The Crr Committee
  • VOR2, OFF2, ADF2
  • Wxr/States/Terr
  • Wpt/Arpt/Data/Item


*** Download HT Manual ***




Since there was no Co-pilot (F/O). provision is made in this flightdeck setup was the presence of a well-functioning and the F/O Efis is not necessary.

The aperture to the F/O side, it will be filled with a dummy ht. So there is only a plate with inscriptions on it and the 4 buttons.
The battery I have had from FlyEngravity, but without the buttons. Therefore, I have been in contact with Claudio from CPFlight (Italy) to the question of the missing controls (FIRST, STANDARD, TFC and CTR) are to be sent.
For him, this was not a problem and after 2 days they were in my mailbox, free of charge, and for a reason. Fast service, voice...

These are the buttons I use super glue to stick it on the cover, glued and then the cover placed in the appropriate hole on the glareshield. This is what I have done to it with double-sided self-adhesive folio.

The hole in the glareshield, it is now filled with buttons and the whole is now a bit more realistic.




In the meantime, I have an update on the EFIS buttons. The original buttons are found on the Efis737EL from CPFlight, are simple buttons that are everywhere in the market you can buy, and which have nothing in common with, the buds of which can be found on the real thing.

The company's ITS Design in Peru (Lima) I have a replica of’s are found, which almost match up with the actual copies of the real books for the adjustment of baro and min settings, there are no thin ribs are located. The Ht of the buttons on the CPFlight Pro-votes, however, consistent with the rights but, according to the CPFlight that are not in the EfisEL.

The buttons on the ACV are also very nice and the detail is finished and fitted with a no-load absolutely (madebout). The waterslide decals with markings all belong to the package. They have to be on the front side can be glued.
The service, from ITS Design, it is perfect and correct, i.e. a quick response to an email, they will respond to the needs of the customer, and prompt delivery.

The buttons are not the "dual knobs", and are, therefore, at first glance, is not suitable for dual-concentric rotary’. Nevertheless, it would be possible to have the big buttons separating them (by saying ...). You can check with the company.

I've got the buttons with a transparent number buttons, which glow like the real ones. Also, I have each button as a markeringstrip made.

The replacement is done easily from the original control buttons of the rocker switch to go down, and the new buttons have been added over the top of them to move to. The shafts of the knobs are 6 mm.
The amount of space (clearance) in the buttons to the way to work, I have a very small piece of electrical tape on the front side of the switch is stuck, and then use the button, it will match the gearbox. Afterwards, I afstelbouten necessary in order for the buttons to fix it.

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