What are the cockpit of which aircraft ?

Everything starts with the choice of which aircraft you have a cockpit to build. A not such an insignificant metric. My preference was anyway more to the Boeing 737.

De choice for the B737 was quickly made, and this for the following reasons :


  • I fly happy with this unit and the matter is enthralling;
  • I have a comprehensive documentation of Ryanair on the B737:
    – 737 Operational Manual;
    – 737 Flight Crew Training Manual;
    – 737 Checklist;
    -737 Quick Reference Handbook;
  • The B737-software ProSim737 is very realistic, reliable, multifunctional and easy to configure;
  • A few friends (real) B737-pilots that is me in word and deed to help this plane get the hang;
  • Very extensive choice in hardware;
  • Masses of information about the B737 are to be found on the internet;
  • Plenty of examples of 737-cockpitprojecten available on the internet.

Diy vs Plug-and-Play ?

As I've already mentioned is that there is a large choice of B737-hardware. Various hardware manufacturers, such as Flight Deck Solutions, FlyEngravity, Open Cockpits, CP Flight, Cockpitsonic, Simparts, ea sell hardware of all kinds. The one more realistic than the other.

To the budget within the limits to keep, one can opt for as much parts as possible to make one yourself. Then I think of the MIP, Glareshield, MIP, CDU bay, avionicspedestal, shell, platform.
Handy boys go this much further and make trottles, meters, buttons, yokes and rudder all by itself.

Since I didn't have the necessary tools, material, knowledge and patience, I try to search in the direction of as much as possible ‘Plug-and-Play solutions.
Also take into account the various comments I've encountered during my research (see section ‘Lessons Learned’), this is for me the most appropriate way to a homecockpit.

During my research was a search for hardware that should be compatible with as many software. Software required for the control of the different cockpitfuncties.Matter of forward-looking enough options to utilize.
Taking into account these possibilities, the future prospects and the price tag that is attach to that content are the following aspects of application:

  • The hardware there must be thorough and realistic;
  • It should be in the planned budget;
  • No, or as little, as possible do-it-yourself electronics;
  • As far as possible choose for ready-made hardware (saves time, avoid problems and possible onvoldoeningen);
  • If possible, the hardware itself is going to look at the manufacturers or the shops instead of from online-photos;
  • Various possibilities have concerns aanstuursoftware and it is compatible with the hardware;

To Do list

  • Install of 2 real B737 seats of the brand IPECO (2019);
  • Live Streaming with GoPro camera (2019);
  • Construction and installation flight crew compartment door (2019);

TopicRunning onComments
Research01/01/2010From Nov 2006 to Dec 2009
Order Desktop ICS MIP13/03/2010Incl. MCP, Efis, Landing gear, ICS, Glareshield (FlyEngravity + CPFlight)
CDU13/03/2010Incl. Dummy CDU (FlyEngravity)
737 Yoke13/03/2010
TFT monitors for PFD/ND and Upper EICAS13/03/20102x 19" and 1x 10,4 " (FlyEngravity)
TFT monitor for the Lower EICAS06/05/201012 "
Construction MIP-mode13/05/2010
MIP ready + to Pick up Desktop ICS MIP29/05/2010Wait time from order to delivery : 11 weeks
Control electronics, MCP, Efis, PMDG displays, FSLabs driver04/06/2010WOW !
Construction of CDU-stand13/06/2010
Images MIP Instruments placed22/06/2010Interim solution in anticipation of the Flight Illusion gauges
Lower panels30/06/2010+ rear MIP sealed
Throttle Quadrant21/07/2010Delivery 06 Nov 10 -FSWeekend Lelystad
Rudder stands29/07/2010- Ruddervloer
- Stand-up-rudder position
- 'Rudder Pedal Adjustement'
Painting of MIP Position in primer19/08/2010
Painting of MIP Position in Boeinggrijs07/09/2010
Aluminiumbekleding of the ruddervloeren06/10/2010
MIP Setup07/10/2010- MIP Stand in Boeinggrijs
- CDU Stand in grey and white
- Rudderstands in Boeingrijs
- Finish " Rudder Pedal adjustement’
- Lower panels and subpanels with buttons
- Ruddervloeren clad with aluminium
- Make placards
Purchase Cockpitseats14/10/2010Belgian Air Force - C130 Hercules
Throttle Quadrant06/11/2010Delivery TQ (Revolution Sim Products)
Cockpitplatform09/12/2010It is grey and alu-floor
Avionics pedestal20/01/2011Equipped with GoFlight modules and aluminium aircraft fasteners
Renovation cockpitstoelen24/02/2011- Painted in grey color
- Arm - and headrests in grey leather
- Cushions in grey upholstery
Checklisthouders24/02/2011To the side of the TQ
Clipboard Yoke24/02/2011
Places of 'air vents' and board - Lower panels06/04/2011
Purchase projector13/04/2011BenQ MW811ST
Connecting buttons backlighting15/05/2011MIP, MCP, lower subpanels, TQ
Install indirect lighting MIP13/08/2011Glarewings, glareshield, the MCP
Switch to ProSim737 Boeing-suite18/07/2011Boeing 737-800 software
License from 26/12/2011
Use of the Pokeys 55 interface Card03/09/2011
Buttons Lower Dimming Panels11/10/2011Buttons, switches, interfacing (via Pokeys 55)
Order Forward Overhead16/11/2011ICS implementation (FlyEngravity)
Delivery Forward Overhead 15/02/2012
Forward Overhead - Assembly02/03/2012Panels, backlighting, places, decals, annunciators with leds, toggle switch caps
Delivery cockpitramen (windows B737)25/04/2012FlyEngravity
Delivery Eyebrow Windows17/05/2012
Improvement Glareshield MIP15/07/2012FlyEngravity
Mounting metal Overhead support structure07/08/2012For confirmation OVH and ceiling
Cockpitramen (Windows B737)15/08/2012Placement against the metal frame
Delivery Afterward Overhead12/09/2012Assembly and fixing to metal support frame
Setup Flight Deck Audio System02/10/2012places of different speakers over different sources
Setup Have Tacticle Sound System02/10/2012ButtKicker Gamer
Build of 'Map Lights'14/12/2012
Standby Compass
23/03/2013Compass and Clock with 2.5" / 5" screens and Prosim for the displays
Place plexiglass in the cockpitramen10/11/2013
Building The 'Front-Ceiling'05/07/2013Eyebrow windows with Map lights, folding handles and built-in loud speakers
Construction Window Liner – Middle Strut Windshield18/09/2013
Construction 'Rear Ceiling' - F/O25/01/2014+ in/attachments
Delivery CPFlight radio modules06/02/2014for avionics pedestal
Purchase B737 Steering Tiller10/02/2014Aviation Megastore
CPFlight radio modules ready for use11/03/2014Are built-in to the radio pedestal
Construction 'Rear Ceiling' - CPT01/04/2014+ in/attachments
Collect and construction for the sidewalls 13/09/2014Ventilation - oxygen panels - Map light panels - cup holders - grimes lights - Armrest windowhandvatten - ashtrays - hand mics - document pockets - Audio ports
Delivery of B737 Circuit breakers panels11/11/2014FlybyCockpits
Gear pin stowage15/11/2014Storing gear pin
Adjustment seat rails27/12/2014Sideways move (double I-rails)
Update of the EFIS buttons22/12/2014Replacement of the CPFlight buttons by that of ACV Design
Use of USB Display Adapters09/03/2015
B737 Standby Instruments11/04/2015Digital ISFD and RMI with individual displayschermpjes
Ruscool Intercom boards21/06/2015Ruscool cockpit intercom
New CDU with color display18/11/2015FlyEngravity - Version 2
Construction 'DV window armrest/chart holders'16/01/2016
Construction sidebars sidewalls 30/01/2016
Construction FWD Sidewall Liners13/02/2016
Manual gear extension access by28/02/2016
Cockpitvloer equipped with vloernagels12/03/2016
Construction AFT Sidewall Liners02/04/2016
Construction Foot Air Windshield Air12/04/2016Lower panels
Delivery Oxygen Panels18/04/2016FlybyCockpits
Construction Aft Raceway Covers05/05/2016
Construction Grimes lights31/07/2016
Finish Aft Raceway Covers31/07/2016
Finish Aft Sidewall Liners21/08/2016
MIP Gauges30/08/2016Flaps and Brake Pressure (Custom Sim Parts)
Construction Dome Light25/09/2016
Order Overhead gauges01/10/2016Custom Sim Parts
Finish DV window Armrest/Chart holders13/10/2016
Finishing and installation FWD Sidewall Liners21/10/2016With in/opbouwonderdelen
Installation and configuration Steering Tiller01/11/2016
Install and activation of MIP and OVH gauges30/12/2016Custom Sim Parts
Sidebars with finished sidewalls installed and Aft Raceway Covers17/01/2017With in - and opbouwonderdelen
Purchase of 2 Telex Airman 750 headsets31/05/2017Via Ebay and Marktplaats.nl
Operating the Telex Airman 750 headsets22/06/2017Together with the 2 Ruscool Intercom Boards
Finish and install the window liners with handles06/07/2017
Finishing CB panels05/02/2018Handles, Panel decals, Amp decals, extra panels
CB-panels: Flybycockpits
Back wall FO03/03/2018Back wall with niches, CB panels, fire extinguisher, Upper rail window P2
2 new cockpit computers21/03/2018Server pc:
- P3D
- Prosim737

Client pc:
- Prosim Displays
Add - on prg's
LED lighting01/05/2018Colored indirect LED lighting entrance outside the cockpit
Back wall CAPT24/08/2018Back with CB panels, spotlights, Upper rail window P2 - Jump Seat, Flash lights and maphouder
External Displays with TV's15/01/20193 Philips TV's 65 inches with the use of Viewgroups
Dummy yoke F/O21/02/2019B737 replica-handlebar, ACV Design&Simulation, DIY wooden frame
B737 cockpit seatsTo DoReplacement of the C130 Pilot seats by 2 real IPECO B737 seats
Black flooring To DoSpace, outside entrance cockpit
Live StreamingTo DoCockpitbeelden in flight with GoPro
Flight crew compartment doorTo DoPlacing a flight crew compartment door

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