The back wall (back wall) of the Capt I is composed of following parts:

  • Dome light with opbouwblokje back wall;
  • Circuit breaker panel, P18-1 (Nav);
  • Circuit breaker panel P18-2 (Inst & Comm);
  • Circuit breaker panel, P18-3 (Anti-Ice, & Lighting);
  • Head phone dummy panel;
  • Development with housing for cup holder and ashtray;
  • Cup holder and ashtray;
  • Ad Grimes light;
  • Flashlights with holder;
  • Dummy ‘observer/jump seat’ with pillows, pad holder and ‘safety belt’;
  • Maphouder;
  • Amp-stickers-CB";
  • Decals with panelnummering and inscriptions;
  • Circuit breaker button caps;
  • Nis with upper rail window P2;
  • Ad " upper rail window P2.



In the B737-800, behind the Capt seat is the jump seat . A place to sit for a casual cockpit-visitor or a trusted fellow traveler (flight attendant, inspector, etc.).

Because of lack of space I can't jump seat locations. To the void and the realism behind the Capt seat to fill, I have a (dummy) a folding version of made.







The jump seat is composed of:

  • frame in which the seat cushion;
  • seat cushion;
  • cushion;
  • pillow.

The frame in which the seat cushion is made of thin wooden panels from plywood. I have the shape and openings are a bit simulated as in the real version.
The wooden panels I have around, reinforced with metal slats. Which are fastened with bolts.
At the end of the wooden panels (wall side), I have a L-profile to the frame at the back to screws.

Both frames I painted in Boeinggrijs.

This zijframes I then at a height of 52 cm at the back screwed. This at a width that is slightly more than the width of the seat cushion.
At the bottom I have two frames connected with a pair of metal L-profiles. This is for the firmness and the pillow to hold it in place.

The cushion can there be than from the top retracted.


Zit, back and pillows
For the sturdiness and also for the confirmation of the pillows I started with the shapes of the pillows cut out from mdf panels (6 mm).
For the topper are the dimensions (L)43 cm (B)42 cm.
For the back cushion are the dimensions (L)62 cm (B)42 cm.
For the pillow are the dimensions (L)20 cm (B)42 cm.

On the wooden mdf panels are then Polymeerschuim glued. The thickness of the layer of foam and the mdf panels for the seat cushion is 9 cm.
For the back and the pillow is 4 cm.

Afterwards the seat cushion completely around fitted with zetelstof that corresponds to the zetelstof of a Boeing 737-seat.
For the back and the pillow is just the front and the sides lined.

The genuine OEM Boeing for seat upholstery can be ordered at (USA).
The order of these substance can only be made with a minimum order of 4 yards (3.65 m). The price would be around $40 per yard. The Boeing Partnr is 2041P/74.

De echte stof

Closer to home, I happen to have the same substance found and that is when West Trading in the Netherlands. This upholstery is 97% identical to the OEM version. Only the structure of the real fabric is slightly coarser and the colour differs a little bit. To West Trading, you can simply order what you need-no minimum order.
West Trading supplies, not to private individuals. So, you need an upholsterer under the arm, take the fabric to order ...

Article number: VOLK15565




The 2 frameonderdelen for the seat cushion is against the back wall screwed through the L-profiles of the two frames, and this at a height of 52 cm from the cockpitvloer.

The confirmation of the seat cushion is the only cushion between the 2 frames to slide.

The rug and the pillow are attached with velcrostrips on the back.

As a finish, I have a safety belt attached between the head and the back cushion. I did this with old buckles of a seat belt.


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