The Window Liners are the window frames (window frames) that one can find at the different raamframes.

They're ready to buy from some company that cockpit stuff to sell. Generally they are very pricey and they should also just fit with the window frame that one uses.

It is also the intention of the ‘Window Liners’ to make one yourself.

The Window Liners are divided into :

  • Middle strut windshield window liner;
  • Side window armrest/Chart holder (Capt and F/O);
  • AFT Lower window liners (Capt and F/O);
  • AFT Upper/middle window liners (Capt and F/O);
  • FWD Upper/Front window liners (Capt and F/O);
  • Imitation glass (plexi or pvc).



The Upper Window Liner(s) are located at the top of the raamframes. Like the other liners, these liners are also made out of styrofoam.

Not the gross white styrofoam that we know of packaging, and styrofoam with a high density and very fine grain. This styrofoam can be found under the name Styrodur (blue or green) or PolyFoam (grey). This piepschuimpanelen be used as insulation material.
This product has the property of being very solid and well machinable (grinding in a correct form).
For the "window liners" have I PolyFoampanelen use of 50 mm thick.

In accordance with the outer circumference of the aluminum windowframe, I have an outline made out of cardboard and this paced a panel PolyFoam. The perimeter I marked on the panel and then cut out with a jigsaw.

Then I have the different sides (top, bottom, and outside edge) of the sawn panel in the correct angle cut, and this in accordance with the various interior angles of the aluminum frameomlijstingen. Corners first can be determined by use of a protractor.



I afterwards the perimeter of the inner window opening of the aluminum window frame paced on card stock. The section cut out of cardboard, I paced on the already cut PolyFoam-panel. This middle section is then cut out.
What now remains is only the raamomlijsting in styrofoam, and this for the rear window (in the form of an overturned U).

In the middle of the bend of the U-shape I have the frame cut in two. Now I have 2 parts: the Lower Window Liner’ and the ‘Upper Window Liner of the rear window.



The intention is, first, the styrofoam extra sanding until the shape is the correct surfaces and curves. After the styrofoam to be consolidated to a hard and sturdy surface and prepared for painting.

Acrylic One
In a previous process, for strengthening of the styrofoam, which I middenstrut of the windhield’ have finished, I have epoxy resin used, and this together with glass cloth and shipping to most european countries.
The epoxy resin I have now been replaced by’ Acrylic One‘. I have found that the use of epoxy resin is cumbersome and not particularly healthy to breathe in.
The idea is to opt for "Acrylic One" comes from a fellow cockpitbouwer Dion (Prosim nickname: Dion73).

Acrylic One‘ it is a mixture of powder and liquid with a slurry, obtain one with a soft brush can smooth, for example, polystyrene. After a drying time of 1Hr is the coatings hard and ready for sanding. You can compare it with plaster, but much harder. Acrylic One is easy to use and is particularly odorless.

To try I have a test kit purchased at Poly-Service (EN). All about Acrylic One is comprehensively explained on their website:

In this test kit, I also got a bottle of Acrylic One Thix A bought. This liquid can be extra to the mixture do to the slurry to thicken so that the mixture becomes thicker and less liquid. Good for large grooves or holes to fill.

Now, what is the procedure?
After the mixing, (1 min) of the correct proportions (1 gewichtsmaat liquid LPO1 Liquid and 2 gewichtsmaten powder LPO1 Powder) the mixture is ready for use. This mixture is +- 20 min useful.

  • A layer of Acrylic One mixture to the styrofoam with the supplied soft brush;
  • When this layer is still wet then add a layer of glass cloth over it (it is recommended that the glass cloth in advance cut to size – time-saving!);
    Note. In the test kit, there is also glass cloth but which is much too coarse to use. Glass cloth with a finer structure is easier and better to work.
  • After the application of the glass cloth is again a layer of Acrylic One over it applied.
    All actions happen in succession without waiting for curing.

To the firmness additional to improve, one can possibly these 3 repeat the process. For the ‘Window liners’ is sufficient to do this but once.
After 1Hr all would be cured, but I for safety, waiting until the next day.

Shipping to most european countries
To the finer work I did afterwards, everything with a layer of shipping to most european countries. This filler is smooth and fine structure and is easy to smooth sanding. Holes and bumps that may subsequently also be eliminated.

Then it's time to paint. First, a layer of primer and then the paint in Boeinggrijs (ACC Color Map R6.06.30).
These paintings are done with a spray can. This can be done outside on the lawn with no wind and dry weather.

The confirmation of the ready-made window liner is done in a simple way, and this by at the rear of the window liner double-sided tape to confirm that then at the plexiraam is pasted. The liner with tape, one can later easily remove it.
It should I be noted that the rear of the window liner is also treated with Acrylic One. The adhesion with the tape is much better. Tape on the styrofoam does not work and paste is not enough ...



The Middle Window Liner(s) are located in the middle of the side windows and are at an angle to the upright position.


This Middle Window Liners’ are, according to the same principle and procedure are made when the other window liners.

It is, however, that the form of the Middle Window Liner’ above and below what ribs showing. Which are separately cut out from styrofoam and sanded until we +- have the correct form and have obtained. Then they will be against the flat liner glued with wood glue.

The block at the front is made from mdf. This block is also against the window liner glued with wood glue.

The finish is again the application of Acrylic One, sanding, shipping to most european countries, sanding, polyesterplauur, sanding, primer and topcoats ...

At the bottom of the window liner, there is a small depression milled into which a bolt is confirmed.

The confirmation is done the same as the Upper Liner’ i.e. double-sided tape on the back, and then paste it against the plexiraam.

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