The back wall (back wall) of the Capt I is composed of following parts:

  • Dome light with opbouwblokje back wall;
  • Circuit breaker panel, P18-1 (Nav);
  • Circuit breaker panel P18-2 (Inst & Comm);
  • Circuit breaker panel, P18-3 (Anti-Ice, & Lighting);
  • Head phone dummy panel;
  • Development with housing for cup holder and ashtray;
  • Cup holder and ashtray;
  • Ad Grimes light;
  • Flashlights with holder;
  • Dummy ‘observer/jump seat’ with pillows, pad holder and ‘safety belt’;
  • Maphouder;
  • Amp-stickers-CB";
  • Decals with panelnummering and inscriptions;
  • Circuit breaker button caps;
  • Nis with upper rail window P2;
  • Ad " upper rail window P2.



On the metal bar to the rear side window is a small spot attached to the CB panels to illuminate.


Real version


This ad is a ‘hard-to-get’ part that's hard to find.

Coincidentally, I was at my local bike shop and there I found a lamp that much resemblance with the ad in the real B737.

The wall-back lamp works with leds and has the approximate same size and shape as the real version.

Or I have the ad in my cockpit a lot will use, I doubt it. It makes everything a bit more complete ...



Many construction should not happen. The ad is actually all ready to go.

The ad with the pocket, I have light grey painted (in accordance with the photos of the real instance).

Then I have the pocket on the metal bar (upper rail) is screwed. The ad is on the holder inserted and locked in place. You can ad just back from sliding. So all pretty simple. The ad works on batteries.

In the images below, there are also drawings and pictures with dimensions of someone that has everything measured in the real version, i.e. the bar and the ad (probably a B737 of the old generation).






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