This Boeing 737-yoke from Precision Flight Controls, it is a replica of the real Boeing 737 yoke. I have had this yoke, happen to be second-hand in the head to be able to tap and it is as good as new.

Normally I would be interested in a beautiful 737-yoke of the ACE or Revolution Simproducts. But now that I have the yoke of the PFC was able to buy it at +- half the price of the ACE yoke, it was my decision, soon taken up. This was a great opportunity... (2010).

In the meantime, the model is out of date, but in spite of the life-sized replica (round columns), which are currently available on the s market continues to be to this PFC yoke of service to continue to do so ...


The yoke is made of cast aluminum, and the steering wheel is nicely finished in a black high-gloss lacquer.
The whole thing weighs in at 20,50 Kg.
At the base there are 4 holes that the yoke can be screwed tight on a deck or floor panel.
- The yoke is backwards compatible with FSX, X-Plane and P3D. The connection is via USB.
The yoke comes with dual trim rocker switches’, ‘the autopilot disconnect switch and the 3 additional programmable buttons.








PLAY 737
In order that the yoke (steering wheel) a bit more work can have a play with it. I bought it for Simware.
This document applies not only to the 737/747-yoke from ACE, but on the yokes of other manufacturers.
To make the yoke, so as not to damage the fixing, I used double-sided sticky tape (strong tape !) and then, in the clipboard, it is pasted to. Also, here is a chance to make everything possible to remove it without causing any damage to of the yoke, or the clipboard. The shape of the back of the clipboard is by the way beautifully match with the center of the yoke (steering wheel).


The 737-yoke of the PFC does not have decals (stickers). I was thinking of them at the Revolution Simproducts, but there is no yoke decals. After a bit of searching between the various cockpitbouwers I have seen this decal is found on Fabio Ippoliti Rome, italy, and He Danese (B).

The yoke and the handlebars, I have the decals used Before, and for the control column, Control Wheel Angle), which He Danese.

The decals on Before are printed on self-adhesive high-quality paper. The declare Control the Wheel Angle, is also found on a sticker.

The decals, by Fabio Ippoliti, you can go to



To make the game have some up-to-float, I also have a Boeing 737 Trip Reminder Indicator is installed on the yoke. This indicator is also known as a "Trip-Counter" as well.

This indicator is normally found on the Capt on the right-hand side, and the F/O on the left-hand side of the yoke.

Initially, one has to use this indicator to get the pilot to remember the flight number (call sign) is.
The pilot, using his thumb to make the three-segment clock faces to move the flight in the fields below.

With the use of flight numbers composed of 4 digits, it would be a bit more difficult. You can be the first or last 3 numbers in the post.
Since I'm on IVAO, always with the same call sign to use (WCT02), do I have to place the indicator on the landing speed (VRef) in order to remember it. This will be done in the next day.


  • The "Trip Counter", I bought it for EFDE (In French).
  • It has been created using a 3D-printer out of black resin.
  • Inside, there are 3 draaiwieltjes to see the numbers.
  • The display is also equipped with a backlightverlichting (warm white or amber color), and the same for 5V or 12V power supply. Different colors of lights are available as well.
  • The round buisgedeelte is that the yoke need to get, it is dependent on the yoke, that is, you have to have it. You can choose to have a diameter of 30, 24 and 22 mm.
  • The "Trip Counter" is a completely gassembleerd, and has been tested.

The PFC yoke is located to the right of a plate. This can be removed using the rear 2 bolts to loosen.
In addition, there is an open hole 31 mm x 31 mm. So it is far too large to use the indicator is to be installed.
For this reason I am a formwork or mould made out of mdf with a circular hole of 22 mm. Enough for a tube diameter of 22 mm, to be installed.
Now, it's just a simple round buisgedeelte of the ‘Trip Counter’ to move to.
For practical reasons, I have made this Trip-Counter does not have backlighting.


On F/O side is missing a yoke. The reason for this is that this place is rarely busy. So it is useless to have an expensive and unnecessary yoke to fit.

This emptiness, however, to fill up, I use a dummy yoke was built. Using a replica Boeing 737-steering wheel and wood panels to the bottom, this is a cheap way to resolve.

This yoke was not in operation, only the P/T button and press the other button on the steering wheel can be connected to the Pokeys Card.
This is for the ‘comms’ have to do with the ATC (IVAO) by any of the available F/R ...

The yoke steering wheel is on ITS Design and Simulation in Peru and the support structure (columns) is made up of mdf board of 12 mm thickness. The base plate is made of aluminum of 2 mm thickness.



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