I have a ‘customize’ panel make FlyEngravity for the intercom System.

This panel will be between the other radio modules of the avionics pedestal to be built.

On the panel there are 4 volume controls :

  • 2 volume control buttons (for Capt and FO) to the volume of the intercom between control and at the same time the ‘side-tone (hearing own voice);
  • 2 volume control buttons(for Capt and FO) and the volume of the incoming pc audio (e.g. R/T ATC IVAO).

The two potentiometers that were originally with the Ruscool intercom boards’ were connected, to the mutual intercom and ‘side-tone’ to arrange, are replaced by 2 logarithmic potentiometers (10k) on the intercompanel. Logarithmic potentiometers are usually used for the adjustment of audio. The control is done in smaller increments and be more accurate.

Two logarithmic potentiometers (10k) are used for the other 2 volume controls. These potentiometers are placed between the Ruscool intercom boards’ and the sound of the pc.

In the middle of the panel there push button for whatever I may be used (e.g. bring up or hide the IVAP window, or ‘push-to-talk’). This switch is connected to the Pokeys Card.

The back of the Intercompanel is also provided for backlighting.

Also on the back of the panel, I have a metal receptacle in aluminium confirmed. This is to everything to protect it and minimize disruptions to catch...


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