Flight crew compartment door

The real flight crew compartment door in a B737-800 is made out of Kevlar, a superstrong fiber, which is o.a. the helmets of the Defense to be made. In the flight crew compartment door is bulletproof, and leakproof.
And they have to protect the cockpit against intruders.

The cockpit (flightdeck) access control system is composed of an Emergency Access Panel, a sound module, a door Lock Selector, with 2 indicator lights, with a Cabin and an Access System switch, and an additional manual lock, like a deadbolt lock on an ordinary door and deadbolt).

In the middle of the door there is a peephole (spy hole, judasoog) to be installed in order for the occupants to be observed. This loophole has been in the modern aircraft are equipped with a digital camera in which the images are to be seen on the Lower Eicas or on a small display screen at the back of Overhead.

The door to the cockpit to be opened manually by simply opening the door knob to turn. The door swings open to the right in the direction of the passenger compartment.



In the flight crew compartment door that is equipped with a 2 druksensors 2 decompressiepanelen blow-out panels) at the top and at the bottom of the door will automatically unlock in the event of a loss of pressure and thus pressure equalization is possible. This is to make sure that there will be no damage to the structure of the aircraft, and that there is an emergency exit, and emerges into the passenger compartment to the cockpitcrew.

The 2-decompression panels that have ontgrendelingspinnen that of manual operation.
These pins are the first to pull out, and then sliding the panels to be manually unlocked, so that they can be taken away, and there is an emergency exit if the door will not longer open due to any fault.

The ‘deadbolt’ is similar to that of an extra lock on the door. The deadbolt on the flight crew compartment door that is only used when the aircraft is on the ground.
The door can thus be closed without having the door has been activated, or electrically connected to a current source via the Cabin Access System.

If one of the two black concentric arrangement of the handles and the ‘deadbolt’lock is in the horizontal direction is in the flight crew compartment door is closed. In this position, the door can not be opened using the Emergency Access Panel.
If I only have the front black handvatje of the deadbolt about the door, and can get the right code to open the door using the Emergency Access Panel.
And when the two black circular handles, both of them are horizontal, the door is not closed.



The Cabin Access System, a black rectangular block on the left-hand side of the flight crew compartment door. In this module, there is a toggle switch with a red guard (guard).

When the switch is in the STANDARD state, it is in the flight crew compartment door, activated and closed through the solenoid, the switch and configured to allow for flight.
Inside, under the black cover, there is a module to set the required chime sounds in the flight deck.
Further, in the inside of the module, various settings such as the password, time, etc.).



The Emergency Access Panel is located to the outside of the cockpit, to the right of the door. It looks like a regular white remote controller with a touch-tone telephone.

The panel is equipped with 6 push-buttons from 1 to 5, and the a button to ENTER in.
They need to have a numeric prefix (e.g. 3-to 8-digit number followed by “ENTER”) to bring it to the door in case of an emergency when the flight crew is not able to do this.
When you enter the correct pin code can be heard in the cockpit of a continuous sound.
This is the code that is in front of the flight has been communicated to the staff.

It also serves to gain access to the cockpit or the flight crew will be informed by a sound on any other notification.

On the front, above the buttons, there are 3 light indicators (leds). The top one is red, the middle one is amber and the lower one is green in colour.

  • The red light is on when the door is closed or the Flight Deck Access System OFF state;
  • The amber light is on when the correct code has been pressed;
  • The green led will be illuminated if the door is not closed.

When the “1” button + “ESC” to sound in the cockpit is a single sound, if it is programmed to do so).

Note. In the cockpit, there will always be 2 people present at the meeting. When, for example, a person from the Flight Crew to go to the toilet, it is substituted with a member of the Cabin Crew (CC).



The Lock Panel is located in the avionic-pedestal (Aft Electronic Panel), and in the bottom right corner.

The panel is made up of 2 ‘Annunciators’ to ‘LOCK to FAIL and AUTO UNLK’. Also, a switch (door Lock, Selector) with a ‘UNLKD’, ‘CAR’ and ‘DENY’.

With a suspension system, the switch is set by default to "AUTO".
‘DENY’ that can simply be selected by the knob.
In order for the switch to the UNLKD position is to install, the switch must first be pressed. This is as an additional warning.

CARS The > door is closed but can be opened if the correct code is pressed on the emergency access panel, and in excess of the timerlimiet, unless this process is interrupted by the Flight Crew.

UNLKD When the switch is in this position, it is held, the door will be unlocked. The door will not be activated and no longer under the power of tension.

DENY > The access request from the Emergency Access Panel is, therefore, ignored it for a few minutes.


The LOCK will be CLEARED When the led is lit, this indicates a sluitstoring again, and when the switch is in the AUTO position, or if the Cabin Access System, in the OFF state.

AUTO UNLK This indicator will start to blink when the correct password has been inserted through the "Emergency Access Panel". In the cockpit, then the sounds will be heard from the Cabin and Access to the System before the timer runs out, and the door will be unlocked. This is done without any action or intervention by the Flight Crew.


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