All the people who are in one way or another, for their part, have contributed to this cockpitproject.

They have done this before on a friendly basis, and the information, and for free ... or almost free of charge.

Thank you very much for the provided support and services.


Donna my wife, my help and support in the difficult times of this project.

It was – to my son – advice, multimedia design and blog support;

Robert ' van TrietFlyEngravity hardware support, technical advice, and the excellent level of service.

Peter Knaepen a good friend of the houtzaagwerk;

Ives Belmans – former B737-800 pilot (now a B777 – information from the ‘real world’, and vliegadviezen;

Richard De Nijs – 27Sqn co-worker and F16 cockpitbouwer tips and tricks cockpitbuiding;

Property Teerlinck – 27Sqn co-worker and an electronics wizard – tips, advice, and support electronics;

Danny Driesen – brother-in-law – account cockpitstoelen;
Arnold Bunches his room – painting cockpitstoelen;

Eddy's “Jump Off” Geerts – B737-800 pilot, of the ‘real world’, and vliegadviezen;

Yvette Deneumoulin – 27Sqn co – cover/upholstery of the cushions cockpitstoelen;

The Marc System neighbor and director Grip Gear! – creation and application of the badges and stickers with tips, and small jobs of all kinds;

Jan System the father of the ... turning of the handles with out fittings for the Rudder Pedal Adjustment;

René Hoep Advice cockpitbouw and adaptation of the TQ SIOC script;
Fred Smith Advice cockpitbouw.

The – FlightSimParts for the Pokeys led extension board", the advice and tips the electronic devices;

Paul Cox – Good knowledge of arc welding, the metal frame overhead, and the opinions of the construction, the small metaalklusjes;

Further Vanhengel – Freelance translator (– to be a bit of a translation into decent English.

Sarah Driesen my lovely niece – the gift of a new Smart TV that is now being used as a "gate monitor";

Lambert Notes – the frequent making of the decals and engraving work.

Dominik Dolata ( – for the sponsorship of the 2 stick shakers with them might be fatal.

Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator