The rear wall (rear wall) of the Fo I is composed of following parts:

  • Dome Light;
  • Circuit breaker panel P6-1 (Nav, Inst, and Com);
  • Circuit breaker panel P6-2 (Systems) with handle;
  • Circuit breaker panel P6-3 (Fuel system, Lighting & Landing gear with handle;
  • Circuit breaker panel, P6-4 Air cond & Electrical);
  • Circuit breaker panel P6-11 (Window heat) with 2 handles;
  • Circuit breaker panel, P6-12 (Window heat) with 2 handles;
  • Circuit breaker panel P6-STBY (Power control unit) with one handle;
  • Door for (fictitious) storage (Latch);
  • Decals with panelnummering and inscriptions;
  • Amp-stickers-CB";
  • Dummy pliable CB-panels;
  • Circuit breaker button caps.
  • 2 dummy power outlets 115V;
  • Alcove for hanging a fire extinguisher;
  • Fire extinguisher;
  • Alcove or tub for fastening rail (metal bar) window P2;
  • Top rail (metal bar) window P2;


On the back on the FO side there is a panel with the electrical connections of the 115V AC and 28V DC.

The sockets have a Us-version. In Europe, these outlets have little or not used. In America probably ...



The panel is made of aluminum of 2 mm thickness. The dimensions are approximate and are compared with photographs of a real back wall.

The circular openings in the panel are made with a lathe.

The two sockets are old American contacts that I have from a system I have cut and will now be a dummy built into the back wall. The grooves of the bottom outlet in the other direction than the real instance, so what ...

The round plates in which the sockets are cut-out cover plates normally used when a door handle.

And the accompanying decals come back from my local an engraver.


Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator