The Window Liners are the window frames (window frames) that one can find at the different raamframes.

They're ready to buy from some company that cockpit stuff to sell. Generally they are very pricey and they should also just fit with the window frame that one uses.

It is also the intention of my "Window Liners" themselves.

The Window Liners are divided into :

  • Middle strut windshield window liner;
  • Side window armrest/Chart holder (Capt and F/O);
  • AFT Lower window liners (Capt and F/O);
  • AFT Upper/Middle window liners (Capt and F/O);
  • FWD Upper/Front window liners (Capt and F/O);
  • Imitation glass (plexi or pvc).



To the same process as the sample above, I also have the window liner made of the ‘Middle Strut – Windshield’.

Zonder Window Liner

Without Window Liner


The infoplaatje for the ‘Standby Compass’ I have made a aluminiumplaatje of 1 mm thickness. The omgeplooide edges are 4 à 5 mm wide.

The size of the plate (with the edges folded back) 57 mm (W) x 65 mm (H).

The fastening of the window liner at the cockpitframe is done with double-sided tape (light weight!).

The tekstplaatje is to download on following link :

Tekstplaatje ‘Middle Strut’ Compass



Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator