On F/O side is missing a yoke. The reason for this is that this place is rarely busy. So it is useless to have an expensive and unnecessary yoke to fit.

This emptiness, however, to fill up, I use a dummy yoke was built. Using a replica Boeing 737-steering wheel and wood panels to the bottom, this is a cheap way to resolve.

This yoke was not in operation, only the P/T button and press the other button on the steering wheel can be connected to the Pokeys Card.
This is for the ‘comms’ have to do with the ATC (IVAO) by any of the available F/R ...

The yoke steering wheel is on ITS Design and Simulation in Peru and the support structure (columns) is made up of mdf board of 12 mm thickness. The base plate is made of aluminum of 2 mm thickness.

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