To the FLOOD-light in the FWD Overhead to make it work, and this together with the FLOOD CPFLight module is sufficient for some minor technical adjustments.

The Flood/Panel Bright module of CPFlight has on the rear panel a terminal block with three connectors that are internally connected to the 3 legs of a built-in standard potentiometer 0.5 W (4K7), for the regulation of the Flood Light.
This potentiometer is completely independent and separate from the whole circuit of the other modules. This is to prevent damage to avoid the use of external voltage.








In the overhead where the FLOOD Light should I have a-saving ledspot built-in 2.4 W (12V) ( This ad gives enough light on the TQ and pedestal.








First I use a bulb holder which can be bought and built into a framework of PVC Foam (one can also wood used for this).
This frame with lamp holder and lamp are in turn installed in the FWD Overhead. I have a bolt that uses the Flood-subpanel and double-sided tape for extra fixing.

The wiring runs through the inside of the metal cockpitframe direction inside pedestal.

To the built-in potentiometer of CPFlight to work, it is necessary in an electronic circuit (pcb) connected to it and suitable for the control of the potentiometer with a light.

I did this with the pcb use of a dimmer. This dimmer I bought at DealExtreme and is suitable for 12V and 8 Amp.








The dimmer I have dismantled, and the pcb with connectors and potentiometer taken out.

The potentiometer (B1K), I cut off and the 3 wires connected to the ‘FLOOD terminal block. The middle wire to the middle connector (runner) and the other wires to the outer edges. If the result (dimming) works the other way around as expected is it just the buitendraden to change.


The front of the led I have provided a piece of ‘frosted glass’, this is to the ad a little to shield. For the simulation of the milk glass I have a piece of white translucent plastic used an empty box, where the ice has resident.


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