This B737-yoke of Precision Flight Controls is a replica of the real Boeing 737 yoke. I have this yoke happen to be used on the head can tap and is as good as new.

Normally, I was interested in a beautiful 737-yoke of ACE or Revolution Simproducts. But since I have the yoke from PFC could buy it at +- half the price of an ACE yoke, it was my decision quickly taken. This was a godsend... (2010).

Meanwhile, this model is out of date, but despite the realistic replicas (with round kolon) is currently available on the FS-market continues to this PFC yoke service continue to do so ...

It is made of cast aluminum and the steering wheel is nicely finished with a black high-gloss powder coating.
The whole thing weighs 20,50 Kg.
On the base there are 4 holes that the yoke can screw up on a platform or floor panel.
The yoke is compatible with FS9, FSX and X-Plane. The connection is via USB.
The yoke comes with dual trim rocker switches’, ‘autopilot disconnect switch " and 3 additional programmable buttons.








To the yoke (steering wheel) finish fits a clipboard. That I purchased at Simware , who in their turn, have to make purchases at ACE (Aircraft Controls Engineering).
This clipboard will fit not only on the 737/747-yoke of ACE but also on the yokes of other manufacturers.
To the yoke so as not to damage the fixing, I made use of double-sided adhesive tape (strong tape !) and then the clipboard it will be pasted. Also here is there a possibility to do everything possible to remove without damage to the yoke or clipboard. The shape of the back of the clipboard is by the way beautifully match with the center of the yoke (steering wheel).


The 737-yoke from PFC does not have decals (stickers). I thought they at Revolution Simproducts to be found but which have no yoke decals. After some searching between the different cockpitbouwers I have these decals found in Fabio Ippoliti (Rome) and Rudy Danese (BE).

For the yoke-steering I have the decals used of Fabio and for the steering column (Control Wheel Angle) of Rudy Danese.

The decals of Fabio are printed on self-adhesive high-quality photo paper. The decal ‘Control Wheel Angle’ I did not sticker but engraved on a thin plate such as I have done with the MIP-decals. This engraving work I have to run it by ‘Trophy-Shop Lambert Noten’.

The engraved MIP-decals and yoke-decal ‘Control Wheel Angle’ can be ordered at the following email address :

For the decals of Fabio Ippoliti you can go to




On F/O side is missing a yoke. The reason for this is that this place is rarely busy. So useless to an expensive and unnecessary yoke.

To this void yet to fill, I have a dummy yoke was built. With a replica B737-steering wheel and a wooden formwork on the underside, this is a cheap way to resolve.

This yoke is not operational, only the P/T button and another button on the steering wheel are still connected to the Pokeys Card.
This is to the ‘comms’ to do with ATC (IVAO) by an available F/R ...

The yoke-the steering wheel comes from ACV Design & Simulation from Peru and the base frame (kolon) is made from mdf of 12mm thickness. The base plate is made of aluminium of 2 mm thickness.


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