For that I am the decisive step to have taken, then there was already a lot of water to the sea shed. For several years I have hours and hours of websites visited by all kinds of cockpitbouwers and hardware manufacturers. And not to mention the various forums. Hundreds of them have passed the revue and I must say, there are gems between of builders with golden hands...
Any comments made during this research to have emerged :

  • Important to choose which cockpit for which aircraft;
  • Electronics is an important part;
  • ‘Handy Harry’s’ that could conjure with their golden hands and of ‘Gamma’-material, beautiful things can make;
  • Websites of builders that are unfinished and are not more up-to-date;
  • The microbe of the hobby that very often gaining the upper hand gets above the busy fly;
  • Hardware and software must be compatible and, preferably, multifunctional;
  • Complex configurations are less likely to succeed. Keep it simple;
  • Home-made (budgetary) cockpituitvoeringen that after a while not to meet the expectations and need to make room for more realistic and ready-to-use hardware;
  • A lot of patience;
  • Step-by-step proceed;
  • Not cheap;
  • A Neverending Story ...

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