It has been a while, but my cockpit is already back in operation.

There were a number of tough remedies are needed, at the regular BOD (blue screen of dead) and the P3D-crash to solve, namely, the Window 10 is to re-install, and are back to P3D.
The pc hardware has been thoroughly checked for any bad connections, or any questionable contacts to identify ...

All of this means that the whole of the cockpithardware and cockpitsoftware have to be installed and configured. A small piece of the long-term, but it is a good practice to have everything in order to make (what was that about ...?)

Since then there have been no BIDS or the P3D-crash has happened.

The construction of the cockpit, it's almost the same question. Only the flight crew compartment door should be and I have together during the year.