After all, Murphy is always lurking, and it can be done, than be one of the pc's, it just doesn't work. The result, re-install and configure Win10, P3D, Prosim737 ...).
A little piece of that day to take the all necessary doom and gloom. And we don't want to.

It does not have anything directly to do with the cockpitbouw, but it's not insignificant, and that is to make a backup of all of my cockpitcomputers the Server, the Client and the Control Center.

D. w is.p. make a backup, run the full system from any computer (Win10, P3D, ProSim737 and all of the installed programs, settings,...).

Do you want to be ACRONIS True Image to do this, is to use it. Why is ACRONIS TRUE Image? The program is a solid and reliable backup software, is simple and easy to use.

Here you can choose between an annual subscription or as a one-time purchase. The one-off purchase, I've purchased it for 3 computers.

An essential issue is something that you normally would, hopefully, never going to use, but you never know. Prepar3D ... 😉

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