More and more disappear, the paper versions of the various vliegkaartjes, checklists. Also the use of different Apps are popular such as an Instructor station, EFC737, etc. The use of a tablet or iPad, it is impossible to think in a cockpit ...

When you have a few hours spent in the cockpit is usually the battery of your iPad as well as almost empty.

So it is quite handy to have a usb connection to have in the cockpit so the battery never runs hit during a flight.

By a surface-usbplug to build in the ‘sidewall’, this is an easy to perform job.
These installation-usb I purchased at

On the back of the ‘sidewall’ is there a usb extension cable connected to the inbouwplug and on the other side of the cable comes a usb/wall outlet adapter for a wall outlet.

Voila, no empty iPad battery more ...

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