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The Cockpit pc is DOWN

I had been going for a while, noticed that I get a BSOD (Blue screen of dead) got in on the server pc. Also, during the execution of a flight, it crashed P3D a regular basis.

It is unlikely that the cause is to look at the Windows 10 ...

After further research, in my computer (Autosoft Lommel), it was apparent that there were serious failures were in the the Windows 10.

The result is that Windows 10 is completely re-installed (clean install) and, of course, subsequently, all flight hardware needs to be plugged in and ready to go, including all of the flight software. A small piece of a long-term ...

Let's hope this week is back in operation and ready to fly ...

An update will be performed on the web in the Flight Deck Audio System.

In the pages of Flight Deck Audio System is adapted to the current situation. Due to the use of 2 of the new cockpit, the pcs, since by 2018, was also in the Flight Deck of the Audio System to be changed.

On this page you will find everything from paintings done on how the sound system is set up in the cockpit. So, anything that makes a sound in the cockpit, here is the explanation ...

Information and images regarding the Flight Deck of an Audio System is to be found at the following link:

In another cockpit ...

Today, exactly 10 years ago, I was sitting in a different cabin.

It is an experience you will never forget ...

The photos at the following link:

To install the Boeing 737 seats

After a thorough overhaul, and mounting of the headrests, the Boeing 737 seats with J-rail+platforms to be installed in the cockpit.

For more information and pictures can be found on the following link: https://www.flightdeck737.be/hardware/seats-2/


Overhaul of Boeing 737 seats

The C-130 seats, in my cockpit, plaatsruimen for 2 of the genuine Boeing 737 seats are the brand of Ipeco.

I've had these seats last winter happened to be in the header, you can see how close to me. Am I the seats a good thorough brushing of the teeth with it.

What is this work about? All of the cushions are going to dry clean the seats are, as far as possible, are completely stripped down and disassembled. All of the components are completely pure and made clean and the moving parts will be checked for their operation and then again with oil or grease.


An update will be performed on the web SOFTWARE in GENERAL.

On this page you will find a list of all the software used on the computers in the cockpit. The cockpit is operational, and a flight to more places.

Additional information SOFTWARE GENERAL information: https://www.flightdeck737.be/software/computer-software/





Update the COMPUTERS

An update has been carried out on the web ‘COMPUTERS’.

Additional information COMPUTERS: https://www.flightdeck737.be/pc/computer/







Update current STATE OF AFFAIRS

An update will be performed from the web-page ‘STATE OF AFFAIRS’.

Any additional information the STATE OF AFFAIRS: https://www.flightdeck737.be/project/stand-van-zaken/


An update of the web page and ‘SCHEDULE’.

What is in 2019 and the planning are as follows:

  • Installation of 2 of the real B737-seats on the brand-IPECO;
  • In other crafts, and a place on a flight crew compartment door;
  • Black floor coverings at the surface of the cockpitingang;
  • The Live Streaming of the footage from the cockpit in flight, using a GoPro camera.

Additional information SCHEDULE: https://www.flightdeck737.be/project/planning/

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