To install the Boeing 737 seats

After a thorough overhaul, and mounting of the headrests, the Boeing 737 seats with J-rail+platforms to be installed in the cockpit.

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Overhaul of Boeing 737 seats

The C-130 seats, in my cockpit, plaatsruimen for 2 of the genuine Boeing 737 seats are the brand of Ipeco.

I've had these seats last winter happened to be in the header, you can see how close to me. Am I the seats a good thorough brushing of the teeth with it.

What is this work about? All of the cushions are going to dry clean the seats are, as far as possible, are completely stripped down and disassembled. All of the components are completely pure and made clean and the moving parts will be checked for their operation and then again with oil or grease.


An update will be performed on the web SOFTWARE in GENERAL.

On this page you will find a list of all the software used on the computers in the cockpit. The cockpit is operational, and a flight to more places.

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Update the COMPUTERS

An update has been carried out on the web ‘COMPUTERS’.

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Update current STATE OF AFFAIRS

An update will be performed from the web-page ‘STATE OF AFFAIRS’.

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An update of the web page and ‘SCHEDULE’.

What is in 2019 and the planning are as follows:

  • Installation of 2 of the real B737-seats on the brand-IPECO;
  • In other crafts, and a place on a flight crew compartment door;
  • Black floor coverings at the surface of the cockpitingang;
  • The Live Streaming of the footage from the cockpit in flight, using a GoPro camera.

Additional information SCHEDULE:

The F/O Yoke

The steering wheel to the dummy, and the F/O yoke, has now been fitted with columns, and bodemconstructie.

The columns with the bodemconstructie, it is an object of my present Apt yoke of the Precision Flight Controls.

This out of date model I got in march of 2010, bought second hand at a reasonable price, and this, together with the MIP. It was the start of the construction of my cockpit ...

In spite of the life-sized Boeing 737-yokes (round columns), which are currently available on the s market in this PFC yoke, yet the service to continue to do so.

Additional images can be found on the following link:









The F/O Yoke

On F/O side is missing a yoke. The reason for this is that this place is rarely busy. So it is useless to have an expensive and unnecessary yoke to fit.

This emptiness, however, to fill up, I have started to use a dummy yoke to the building. Using a replica Boeing 737-steering wheel and wood panels to the bottom, this is a cheap way to resolve.
This yoke was not in operation, only the P/T button and press the other button on the steering wheel can be connected to the Pokeys Card.
This is for the ‘comms’ have to do with the ATC (IVAO) by any of the available F/R ...

The yoke steering wheel is on ITS Design and Simulation in Peru, and the frame is made from medium density fibreboard of 12mm thickness.









Computer monitors with TV

The appearance, or the buitenbeelden (external view) are the ads that one out of the cockpit to see, in other words, the environment in which it flies, or the scenery.

The hardware setup can be done in various ways. In my previous setup with a single projector, it was a temporary solution. The quality of the screen is not FullHD), was not good.
Also, the problem with the white pixels to the defective DLP chip), and the lack of a front-projection screen for a 2 or 3 projectors, it has made me realize that the use of the tv's, the best solution is to have a 180° FOV.

The explanation of the pro's and con's, installation, adjustment, and generating the different views, and the frame rate will be discussed at the following link:









The USB socket in the cockpit

More and more of it disappear in the printed versions of the various vliegkaartjes, check lists. Also, the use of a variety of mobile Apps have become popular, such as the Instructor's station, EFC737, etc.). The use of a tablet or an iPad is not hard to imagine, in the cockpit of a ...

If you have a few hours a day you spend in the cockpit, is typically in the battery life of your iPad, as well as the low.

Therefore, it is useful to have a usb socket in the cockpit so the battery has never run down during a flight.

A built-usbplug to build up in the sidewall, this is an easy one to carry out the job.
This is build-in with usb, I bought it for

At the rear end of the sidewall, is it a usb extension cable connected to the inbouwplug, and at the other end of the cable there is a usb/wall outlet adapter for a wall outlet.

That's all, not an empty iPad battery life, and more ...

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