USB socket in the cockpit

More and more disappear, the paper versions of the various vliegkaartjes, checklists. Also the use of different Apps are popular such as an Instructor station, EFC737, etc. The use of a tablet or iPad, it is impossible to think in a cockpit ...

When you have a few hours spent in the cockpit is usually the battery of your iPad as well as almost empty.

So it is quite handy to have a usb connection to have in the cockpit so the battery never runs hit during a flight.

By a surface-usbplug to build in the ‘sidewall’, this is an easy to perform job.
These installation-usb I purchased at

On the back of the ‘sidewall’ is there a usb extension cable connected to the inbouwplug and on the other side of the cable comes a usb/wall outlet adapter for a wall outlet.

Voila, no empty iPad battery more ...

More photos:

FSWeekend 2018 – Lelystad (NL)

Visit AWACS – NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen

Last Wednesday, with the Flight Sim Club 27Sqn’ a visit to the airbase of Geilenkirchen where the AWACS aircraft are stationed.

Of course there was not also a look to take in the cockpit of a E3A Boeing 707.

This cockpit was outdated and has recently been upgraded with a glass cockpit, FMC and a semi-autopilot module. So there should still pretty much be manually flown ...

Ad "upper rail window P2'

This ad is a ‘hard-to-get’ part that's hard to find.

Coincidentally, I was at my local bike shop and there I found a lamp that much resemblance with the ad in the real B737.

The wall-back lamp works with leds and has the approximate same size and shape as the real version.

Or I have the ad in my cockpit a lot will use, I doubt it. It makes everything a bit more complete ...


In the Boeing of Ryanair one can find behind the Capt seat, under the ‘flash lights’, a folder or fardehouder. This serves to folders or documentation in store.

I use the maphouder to the FCOM store.

This maphouder is fairly easy to make with mdf panels, wood glue and a little sanding. Afterwards, the necessary schilderbeurten and ready is Kees.

Info and images are to be found at the following link:

Jump seat – Rear Capt

In the B737-800, behind the Capt seat is the jump seat . A place to sit for a casual cockpit-visitor or a trusted fellow traveler (flight attendant, inspector, etc.).

Because of lack of space I can't jump seat locations. To the void and the realism behind the Capt seat to fill, I have a (dummy) a folding version of made.

Info and images are to be found at the following link:

Flashlights – Capt back

During the construction of my cockpit, I have usually kept to the layout and components that are to be found in the B737-800 of Ryanair.

For example, in the Ryanair boeings 2 flashlights to find under the jumpseat.

The flashlights I bought in a local legerstock and the lamp holders are patched together with overschotjes of mdf-panels.

Explanations and illustrations are to be found at the following link:

Useful USB tools

In the cockpitbouw we have usually over several computers and a mass of USB devices. Device manager gives no clear picture about which USB devices it all goes and whether they work or not. So a whole puzzle ...

Now there are 2 programs that I use which is quite easy to distinguish what all of the ‘USB-devices’ are connected and whether they work or not.

USBDeview is a small utility that all the USB devices lists that are connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used.
For each USB device, extended information is displayed: device name / description, device type, serial number (for mass storage devices), the date / time that device was added, VendorID, ProductID, and more ...
With USBDeview you can also USB devices that you previously used, disconnect USB devices that currently connected to your computer, and USB devices turn off and turn on.

USB Watchdog (USBWD)
USBWD is a useful tool for every cockpit-the pc a client version to install and, for example, a Schedule/Instructor-pc the server version.
Via USB Watchdog server do you have of every pc an overview of all the USB devices that are connected and which are not.
Of all the USB devices of all pc's that can be used, you can a global ‘watch list’. USBDeview may be a useful tool ...
To any USB device you can then a personal name. So, it is easy for all USB devices can be clearly distinguished. You then have a global list of all usb's of all the pc with every USB device has its own recognizable name.

In one glance you can see which USB devices are connected all whether they work or not and this of all the pcs in the entire network ...




Uitbouwpaneel with cup holder and dummy ashtray – Capt back

At the bottom right of the Capt-back, there is an extension at the top of a cupholder for a mug in place and the front ashtray.

Everything is made out of mdf wood. The cup holder is made from a plastic drinking cup for toddlers.

The dummy ashtray is a reverse case in which one business cards in stores.

Additional explanations and illustrations are to be found at the following link:

‘Grimes’ Light – Spot Jump Seat

Above the ‘observer seat’ or ‘jump seat’ is also a commercial (Grimes light) for the direct lighting.

The ad I have a friend cockpitbouwer. This ad is made for 24V DC and one can see it with the red dial for dimming.

The outside of the ad had his good time had. The markings were not clearly visible and there was left and right of the lacquer is gone.

I have the ad so a little bit renovated by the paint, and the markings again.

Additional images can be found on following link:

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