The COM Radios and 8.33 Voice Channel Spacing

By the end of 2018 is to be transferred to the 8.33 kHz Voice Channel Spacing.

The radio communications between the pilot and air traffic control has happened since then, and with more frequency than we have been accustomed to, with a 25 kHz spacing system.

Also the IVAO following with the new guidelines, and this, with the result that, in the case of online destinations also make use of the new 8.33 kHz frequency range.

Only the COM radio in my cockpit, it was not 8.33 kHz compliant

Now that I have two COM radios, and sent it to the manufacturer, CPFlight, Italy.
For $ 25 a piece, they now have an update to the firmware so that the radio can be used with 8.33 kHz freqs.

The Stick Shakers

As a part of my cockpit, that is still not the ‘stick-shakers’.

A stick shaker is a mechanical device that is attached to the back of the yokekolom, or a tube, and that the pilot is warned of an impending ‘stall’. To start to rattle, and the yoke, and to let it vibrate.

The "stick shakers" that I have purchased replicas, and out of the LEOING737.COM.

They are both controlled by a Phidget Relay Card-0/0/4, and is configured by using the ProSim737.

A detailed explanation and pictures can be found on the following link:

The Camera GoPro Hero 4

A few years ago, I went there with my son and a GoPro camera (Hero 4) has been bought.
Now, the fact that the construction of my cockpit is finished there will be more time for you to fly.
The camera will return to the dust, taken, and there will be some races to be filmed and put online on my YouTube channel.

Once again, an extension of the flightsim hobby ...

Boeing 737 Trip Reminder Indicator

To the realism of the game and what to improve on, I have a Boeing 737 Trip Reminder Indicator is installed on the yoke. This indicator is also known as a "Trip-Counter" as well.

This indicator is normally found on the Capt on the right-hand side, and the F/O on the left-hand side of the yoke.

Initially, one has to use this indicator to get the pilot to remember the flight number (call sign) is. I've been using it to get to the landing speed (VRef) to be installed as a memo.

Further information and photos can be found on the following link:

Flight crew compartment door

In the flight crew compartment door, it is pretty much the last part of the cockpit that I was going to have to build it.

A lot of cockpitbouwers have not, in their cockpit, but the cockpit is nice to be close (literally and figuratively) and thought I had one to build it.
It is the proverbial the icing on the cake ...

The first is that I have to be enough images to search what is out there, at the door only. I have also taken the help of a friend, the Ryanair pilot, who gave me all the necessary info, and what's more, all of the deuronderdelen a detailed interactive.

How the process has been expired, you can find at the following link:

A flight crew compartment door in a B737-800 to work can be found on the following link:

The Media coverage of the regional television station TV Limburg (TVL)

The regional TV station TV Limburg (TVL) is since the start of this week it launched a new programme for the various activities of the People.

To the homecockpit 'Flightdeck737 was the first to join the rush line in an interview in the studio, accompanied by film and photography.

Of course, there are also a lot of attention is paid to the Flight Simulator Club ’27th Squadron’ (

Advertisement for two birds with one stone ...

The Media coverage of the television station VTM

On the day of its publication in The Interests of the province of Limburg has, in my cockpit, also had a visit from a reportageploeg on the Belgian national tv-station VTM.

It was broadcast in the evening during the News as ‘Good News’item ...

Of Media attention from the newspaper het belang van Limburg

Last week, the flight deck was visited by a reporter and a photographer for the newspaper het belang van Limburg.

The result was a picture on the front page and a full page for the article itself. Very good!

Backup using ACRONIS True Image, 2020

After all, Murphy is always lurking, and it can be done, than be one of the pc's, it just doesn't work. The result, re-install and configure Win10, P3D, Prosim737 ...).
A little piece of that day to take the all necessary doom and gloom. And we don't want to.

It does not have anything directly to do with the cockpitbouw, but it's not insignificant, and that is to make a backup of all of my cockpitcomputers the Server, the Client and the Control Center.

D. w is.p. make a backup, run the full system from any computer (Win10, P3D, ProSim737 and all of the installed programs, settings,...).

Do you want to be ACRONIS True Image to do this, is to use it. Why is ACRONIS TRUE Image? The program is a solid and reliable backup software, is simple and easy to use.

Here you can choose between an annual subscription or as a one-time purchase. The one-off purchase, I've purchased it for 3 computers.

An essential issue is something that you normally would, hopefully, never going to use, but you never know. Prepar3D ... 😉

Welcome on board: Stefan Beckers and john Driezen

Two visitors to get my cockpit visit. Yesterday it was the turn of Stefan Beckers and Jan-Driezen.

Stefan Beckers, has for many years been a faithful member of the Flight Simulator Club ’27th Squadron’, and he has always been a great interest shown for the virtual-to-fly helicopter.

In the meantime, this interest has expanded to the Boeing 737, for which he will in the future be modest even in a Boeing 737 cockpit building.

Jan Driezen, become friends with Stefan, and also has an interest in aviation in general, and it was after a visit the FSWeekend in Lelystad was also very eager to see my cockpit to see.

Stefan Beckers – 28/12/2019

Jan Driezen – 28/12/2019

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