Panel electrical sockets 115V / 28V

On the back wall of the FO-side is a panel with the electrical connections of the 115V AC and 28V DC.

The sockets have a Us-version. In Europe, these outlets have little or not used. In America probably ... 🙂

Additional information and photos can be found on following page:


Circuit breaker panels – Back panel FO side

The ‘circuit breakers’ (CB’s) are the different electric fuses that are to be found in a B737.

The CB-panels that are to be found in my homecockpit come from Flybycockpits (Portugal).

In total, the 10 panels of which 7 pieces for the FO side and 3 pieces for the Capt side. This number I have supplemented with additional panels that are not by Flybycockpits be delivered.
This extra homemade panels are:

  • small headphone panel at the top of the Capt-side;
  • ‘latch’ panel at the bottom left of the FO-side;
  • expansion of the panel, P6-STBY (Power Control Unit);
  • panel with 2 power outlets, 115V AC and 28V DC on the FO side;
  • Handles.

Additional explanations and illustrations are to be found at the following link:

IMG_1193 (Large)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Construction of the rear walls – I

The rear or "rear wall" or "rear bulkhead" is the wall between the cockpit and the further compartments in the aircraft such as the areas for the staff and passengers.

We actually have 2 backs. The portion at the back of the Capt and the portion at the back of the FO.

Both backs are mainly equipped with the panels with the fuses (circuit breaker panels). Further, these are supplemented with a niche in both corners with a metal bar, a recess for a fire extinguisher, dome light(s), and a few extra attributes.

Because of lack of space in my homecockpit, only the 2 walls with the CB panels (+ extra parts) to find the Capt side is a dummy jump seat to the wall to fill. The rear building with niches, between CB panels and flight crew compartment door, is omitted.

Information with images of the wooden structure is to be found at the following link:


Upholstery Boeingzetels

The current trim I have on my cockpitzetels is not the real fabrics that can be used, with an original Boeing-seat. This trim seems to be there very much and the current trim stays for the time being.

The genuine OEM Boeing for seat upholstery, however, can be ordered at (USA).

Closer to home, I happen to have the same substance found and that is when West Trading in the Netherlands. This upholstery is 97% identical to the OEM version. Only the structure of the OEM version is slightly coarser and the colour differs a little bit.

More information and photos can be found on following link:


Man on rope decal

With some airlines we see on the panel of “Emercency Escape Rope” (cockpit roof) is also a decal with the image of a male is that of a rope climb. That we have there but also included.

Printed on photo paper and on the back with double-sided tape. Simple ...

Additional photos:


FSWeekend 2017 – Lelystad (NL)


State of affairs

With the ‘FWD Upper/Front window liners’ I have the last part finished regarding the "window liners" and the construction of the ‘sidewalls’.

Both sides (shell), are so completely finished, and my cockpit is actually ready as well as open-setup.

But the build is still not finished because I am planning a cabin with a back wall and a door.

The two rear walls and door will be equipped with the necessary attributes that are found in a real B737-800.











FWD Upper and Front window liners

The ‘FWD Upper Window Liners’ are located on the top sides of the first side and are made out of styrofoam. For the finish is the same method applied as the other ‘window liners’.

The Front Window Liners’ are located in the corners between the first side and the windshield’ and are made from MDF.
They form one whole with the eye-catching curved portions (papegaaienbekken) which is located above the handles of the windows are.
As a final touch, they are finished with a clip for a parasol.

The chapter on the manufacture of the ‘window liners’ with the ‘FWD Upper and Front window liners’ terminated and ended.

Extensive info and images of this last part are to be found at the following link:


Telex headsets are operational with the Ruscool Intercom boards

The Telex headsets are now connected to the Ruscool Intercomkaarten and are now operational.

The original 6.35 mm jackpluggen of the Telex headsets, I replaced by the small 3.5 mm.

The Ruscool cards are compatible for both regular pc headsets as well as for aviation headsets. The replacement of the plugs from large to small is no problem.

The Telex Airman 750 headsets give a clear and pure sound and where any ‘hum’-the failure to completely eliminated by proper grounding of the cockpit, a correct 12V transformer and the hum-filtering in the headset itself.

The different volumes are regulated by a homemade control panel that is built into the B737-pedestal.

Additional information and images can be found on following link:


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