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An update is performed of the web ‘COMPUTERS’.

Additional info COMPUTERS page: https://www.flightdeck737.be/pc/computer/








An update is performed of the web page ‘STATE OF AFFAIRS’.

Additional info page STATE OF AFFAIRS: https://www.flightdeck737.be/project/stand-van-zaken/

Update SCHEDULE page

An update is performed of the web page is ‘PLANNING’.

What is in 2019 on the schedule:

  • Install of 2 real B737-seats of the brand IPECO;
  • In other crafts, and places of a flight crew compartment door;
  • Black floor covering put on the outside of the cockpitingang;
  • Live Streaming of images from the cockpit ‘in flight’ using a GoPro camera.

Additional info page PLANNING: https://www.flightdeck737.be/project/planning/

F/O Yoke

The steering wheel for the dummy F/O yoke is now equipped with a kolon and bodemconstructie.

The kolon with bodemconstructie is a replica of my current Apt yoke of Precision Flight Controls.

This outdated model I in march 2010, bought second hand for a reasonable price and this, together with the MIP. It was the start of the construction of my cockpit ...

Despite the realistic B737-yokes (round columns) that are currently available on the FS-market will this PFC yoke is still service continue to do so.

Additional images can be found on following link: https://www.flightdeck737.be/hardware/yoke/









F/O Yoke

On F/O side is missing a yoke. The reason for this is that this place is rarely busy. So useless to an expensive and unnecessary yoke.

To this void yet to fill, I started to use a dummy yoke to build. With a replica B737-steering wheel and a wooden formwork on the underside, this is a cheap way to resolve.
This yoke is not operational, only the P/T button and another button on the steering wheel are still connected to the Pokeys Card.
This is to the ‘comms’ to do with ATC (IVAO) by an available F/R ...

The yoke-the steering wheel comes from ACV Design & Simulation from Peru and the frame is made from mdf of 12mm thickness.









External Displays with TV's

The visuals or the buitenbeelden (external views) are the various displays that one outside the cockpit can see in other words, the environment in which it flies or the scenery.

The hardware setup can be done in various ways. My previous setup with a single projector was a temporary solution. The quality of the image (not FullHD) was not good.
Also the problems with the ‘white pixels (defective DLP chip) and the lack of space for a projection screen for 2 or 3 projectors has made me realize that the use of tv’s the best solution for a 180° FOV.

The interpretation of pro’s and contra’s, placement, adjustment, and generating the different views and frame rates are discussed on the following link:










USB socket in the cockpit

More and more disappear, the paper versions of the various vliegkaartjes, checklists. Also the use of different Apps are popular such as an Instructor station, EFC737, etc. The use of a tablet or iPad, it is impossible to think in a cockpit ...

When you have a few hours spent in the cockpit is usually the battery of your iPad as well as almost empty.

So it is quite handy to have a usb connection to have in the cockpit so the battery never runs hit during a flight.

By a surface-usbplug to build in the ‘sidewall’, this is an easy to perform job.
These installation-usb I purchased at Conrad.be.

On the back of the ‘sidewall’ is there a usb extension cable connected to the inbouwplug and on the other side of the cable comes a usb/wall outlet adapter for a wall outlet.

Voila, no empty iPad battery more ...

More photos: https://www.flightdeck737.be/pc/pc-setup/

FSWeekend 2018 – Lelystad (NL)

Visit AWACS – NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen

Last Wednesday, with the Flight Sim Club 27Sqn’ a visit to the airbase of Geilenkirchen where the AWACS aircraft are stationed.

Of course there was not also a look to take in the cockpit of a E3A Boeing 707.

This cockpit was outdated and has recently been upgraded with a glass cockpit, FMC and a semi-autopilot module. So there should still pretty much be manually flown ...

Ad "upper rail window P2'

This ad is a ‘hard-to-get’ part that's hard to find.

Coincidentally, I was at my local bike shop and there I found a lamp that much resemblance with the ad in the real B737.

The wall-back lamp works with leds and has the approximate same size and shape as the real version.

Or I have the ad in my cockpit a lot will use, I doubt it. It makes everything a bit more complete ...

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