In the Lower panels, are the pills just before the bottom of MIPS, in which the subpanels for control of the illumination of all kinds. I use MDF panels of 6 mm and an aluminum plate of 30 mm from the edge of the rim. This plate is on the underside of the MDF panel glued in with wood glue (Bison D2). I never thought that this could also be used on aluminum.

The Lower panel of the right way to mount the top edge of the bracket aligned with the edge of the PARLIAMENTARY position, and width, of course, be level. Because of this, I had a gap between the Lower panel and the bottom edge of the MIP by 3 inches. This is something that I have been in the MDF slat of 30 mm to be glued at right angles to the horizontal, flat MDF panel. And then, I have this small sheet of plywood slat (with the board), and have a beautiful connection to the round base of the MIP.
The monitors are in the way, and coming back to the small MDF-latje.De Lower panels are at the bottom, attached to the 2 fitted wooden brackets with a few screws, wood screws, are mounted at, on the one hand and the outer panel MIP, and on the other hand, the central part of the MIP-stand.De subpanels are for the time being, just put in the bank.
After the paint job of the MIP, CDU and the Lower panels are finished and installed. These subpanels will be used to set up the backlights of the MIP, and the use of indirect lighting allerhanden to be adjusted.



The vertical board of the lower panels have been refined by a lap board to put on (Hint: Henk Timmermans). Kind of like in the ‘real world’ is like. To do this, I have a rubber tuinbuis taken that can be used to create water flow to a drip hose in the garden. The tube has a diameter of 16 mm.

This is a tube I cut to size, and the entire length of the slit (on one side, and, therefore, are not completely!). However, it should be noted that the cut is right, it happens.

And then I wallpaper used to be with what is relief and the tube is glued (no adhesive is used to hang some of that is coming loose from the mount on the panelboord). I have Pritt use glue to hold everything in place.

After that, one or two repainted in Boeing grey.

When the paint is dry, it may be that the rubber hose on the edge of the board to be printed. This is done through an incision that is made. And you're good to go!



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