A good headset is essential in a cockpit. What expectations should a good headset requirements:

* Must be comfortable and light to wear, especially if you have a few hours in the cockpit;
* May not have too many clamps and too tight around the head;
* Preferably with an open-air system so that sounds in the cockpit are audible;
* The headset must be made of durable material that is durable and sturdy;
* With comfortable ear pads that are on time and was able to be replaced;
* The microfoonboom should be adjustable and preferably on both sides of the head;
* The sound quality should be excellent with pure and clear sounds;
* Compatible to connect with a sound card of the pc or a separate intercom system and workable.



In 2015, I have 2 second hand Ruscool Intercomkaarten bought. One for the Capt and one for FO.

Both cards are built into the pedestal and adjustable by means of a separate panel for the volume control. Both the Capt and the FO separately. With this intercomkaarten is possible:

  • Listen to ATC via the sound of the pc (with volume control);
  • To speak with ATC via the sound to the pc (IVAP-Teamspeak);
  • To speak and to listen between the Capt and FO;
  • Your own voice is audible in the headset (sidetone) (with volume control);
  • Mic Gain with volume control;
  • Has a global volume control;
  • Compatible for both pc headsets as well as for aviation headsets.

A few drawbacks to this Ruscoolkaarten is the dull sound quality (too much bass, or low tones) and they are also prone to ‘hum’interference (hum loops – not pleasant to listen to).

To the dull sound way to work, I have a minimixer placed between the pc and headset with the harmonic-slider on maximium.

The ‘hum’interference is to be avoided by the use of a separate governed 12V power supply. Also a good grounding of the cockpitframe helps.

The headsets are connected directly with the Ruscool Intercomkaarten.

Note. An aviation headset is not directly to use with a pc. This is a special adapter for need.



Via Ebay, I have 2 Telex Airman 750 headsets, bought. Why these headsets?

The specifications of this headset correspond to the desired expectations and also especially that this type of headset is frequently used in a real B737 cockpit.

A plus with this is that this Telex headset with a microphone comes with enhanced noise-cancelling and an additional filtering of the ‘hum’-background noise. This will eliminate the ‘hum’interference completely.

Note. The Telex Airman 750 is no stereo-headset.


Telex Airman 750



The connection is done directly with the Ruscool Intercomkaarten via the connections PC-In and PC-Out (Pc Speakers and Pc Mic).
For the connections with the Ruscool Intercom, I refer to the page about the Ruscool Intercom Cards.

Original jacks or mini jacks
This can be done by making use of the original jackpluggen (6.35 mm) on the Telex headsets are found or by this great jackpluggen to replace the small 3.5 mm jacks.

No problem for the big jacks are replaced by small mini jacks (1 mono plug 3.5 mm 1 stereo plug 3.5 mm).

How is the soldering?
The soldering is pretty easy if you have the wiring diagram follows from the Telex Airman 750:

*** Plugaansluitingen Telex Airman 750 ***

3.5 mm mono plug (phones or speakers):
In the inside of the mono-plug, we find 2 possible connections:
– Small lip
The metal shield (GND - shield cable) and the stripped black wire be twisted together (with solder tin) and against the ‘body’ (sleeve) of the plug is soldered.

The red wire the only (small) lip-soldered the 3.5 plug. This lip is connected with the tip of the plug.

3.5 mm stereo plug (microphone):
In the inside of the stereo plug, we find 3 connectivity options:
– Large lip
– Small lip

The metal shield (GND-shield cable) and the stripped blue wire be twisted together (with solder tin) and against the ‘body’ (sleeve) of the plug is soldered.

The white wire against the big lip soldered the 3.5 plug. This lip is connected with the ring of the plug.




The ear pads of both Telex headsets were to purchase practically entirely worn out and so need replacing.

On Ebay (China) I for both headsets, a new set is purchased along with a few new Microphone-windmoffen.



For practical reasons, the Capt the headset with the mic boom on the left is worn and when the FO is this right worn.

If you get that mic boom would do differently than running the cable behind or in front of you. Not so practical ...

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