The ‘Aft Lower Window Liner’ is the triangular portion that is located at the rear of the sidewall is between the rear raamframe and the oblique bar at the top of the sidewall.

This Aft Lower Window Liner is provided with a recess in which a lamp is for illumination of the ‘Circuit Breaker Panel’.

In the corner of the Aft Lower Window Liner’ there is also a connection for connecting a coiled cable on the other side is connected to the DV Window Armrest/Chart holder (Shroud). This curly cable is used for the heating of the side window.

At the top of the Aft Lower Window Liner’ is the actual ‘window liner or the edge of the window (window frame) with the rest into one entity.

For the finishing of the raamomlijsting I have ‘Acrylic ' One’ is used instead of Epoxy. Easier to use and healthier ...

All the explanations with pictures are to be found at the following link: