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An update is performed of the web page ‘STATE OF AFFAIRS’.

Additional info page STATE OF AFFAIRS:

Update SCHEDULE page

An update is performed of the web page is ‘PLANNING’.

What is in 2019 on the schedule:

  • Install of 2 real B737-seats of the brand IPECO;
  • In other crafts, and places of a flight crew compartment door;
  • Black floor covering put on the outside of the cockpitingang;
  • Live Streaming of images from the cockpit ‘in flight’ using a GoPro camera.

Additional info page PLANNING:

F/O Yoke

The steering wheel for the dummy F/O yoke is now equipped with a kolon and bodemconstructie.

The kolon with bodemconstructie is a replica of my current Apt yoke of Precision Flight Controls.

This outdated model I in march 2010, bought second hand for a reasonable price and this, together with the MIP. It was the start of the construction of my cockpit ...

Despite the realistic B737-yokes (round columns) that are currently available on the FS-market will this PFC yoke is still service continue to do so.

Additional images can be found on following link:









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