This is the setup of the FlyEngravity is a Fully Pre-Build in one piece, is provided. These desktop versions will be sold as a desktop MIP, the use of it, e.g., on a table or desk can. For this reason, a setup-based systems with 17-inch wide-screen monitor so that they don't need to sink to the bottom (on which the table or desk in the way, you will have to sit out.

A disadvantage of this is that you do not have the full displayruimte you can take advantage of. There will be +-1cm on the outer edges of the PFD and the ND: windowframe (insert).


Since my intention is to this version to use it in a full setup (with a PARLIAMENTARY setting, etc.) I chose to use a 19 ” wide screen monitor. I can do the whole displayruimte use. However, I have the same 19" screen to the bottom to sink them all the way (and ICS) to make them fit.
Otherwise, these LCD's are still behind the boards, the The ICS system and they are too far away from the windowframes.

FlyEngravity has to take into account, and it has all the necessary cut-outs in the base and side with. In the MIP mode, then have some cut-outs to be cut.



Note. It is the manufacturer/supplier is out of date (2020).


In the MIP, or in the Main Instrument Panel is a ICS MIP is a Desktop setup, from FlyEngravity.
Pre-Build a Desktop MIP is available in 3 versions : Basic, Medium and Advanced . It is an Advanced machine that I have bought to your personal requirements (custom-made) has been adjusted and is comprised of the following components :

  • Captain's panel
  • Center panel
  • The First officer panel
  • ICS with a cockpit system
  • The Landing gear lever
  • Six-Pack Captain's
  • The Fire warning switch to be Captain
  • Master-Caution-switch the Captain
  • PFD/ND monitor's Captain, the 19" wide screen (AcerX193HQGb)
  • The Upper EICAS display 10,4"
  • Bracket for MCP/EFIS
  • WHY
  • HT to Captain
  • Blank EFIS First Officer
  • PFD/ND monitor the First Officer for 19" wide-screen (AcerX193HQGb)
  • Six-Pack Of The First Officer
  • Fire warning switch of the First Officer
  • The Master Caution switch and the switch to First Officer,
  • Backlighted panels


This is an Advanced Desktop and MIPS have the following characteristics :
  • powder coated aluminium stand
  • the aluminium backpanels.
  • a full-scale
  • the performance line-toppanels.
  • internally backlit PRO panels
  • molded annunciator shells-and legends included
  • glareshield parts of the separate kits
  • captain's side: the left glare wing + efis box
  • center of part: mcp box
  • F/O part: right glare wing + efis box.


The Captain of the side, with the left glare wing, and the ht box 60x40x32 cm, weight 4 KG).


Center the MCP-box and the Gear lever (50x50x20 cm) weight: 2 (KG)


The F/O side, with the left glare wing, and the ht box 60x40x32 cm, weight 4 KG).


Backlit Pro Panels
All of the subpanels are provided in touch with the backlightleds has been integrated into the subpaneeltje. On the back side of the subpaneeltje, there is a connector that is connected to the The ICS system.
The lighting is very nice and clear amber-yellow colour, and can be equipped with dimmers.
Touch is not by default, but can optionally be obtained.


MIP Tags
The MIP is still a bit more realistic, and to make them come true, I have MIP tags can be engraved. In this MIP, tags or placards are for different Airlines to find the MIP. The place where they are to be attached are not provided by the CAA, they should clearly and visibly be made.
The engraving work on the MIP list plancards, I let them make a Trophy-Shop Lambert Noten in Neerpelt. Since in 2018, this thing stopped, and it was all taken over by the AWM laser engraving (
All of the figures and the decals, which are available on this web site may now, may have to be ordered.


I like it The Desktop MIP with the B737-windows FlyEngravity however, these MIP-based version (especially the Glareshield) will not work properly.

This "Desktop" glareshield has a rectangular shape of which the front 2 windows and windshield) are not behind the glareshield, can be placed on it. Also, the sides of the Desktop Mip-frames are too high, and it does not provide for the placement of B737-windows.

To set this Desktop MIP to be used with the FlyEngravity Boeing 737-windows, it is necessary for the Desktop of a glareshield, to be replaced by the the type of the MIP, ProLine. The Boeing 737-the windows are normally made to be used with the MIP, ProLine-based version of the FlyEngravity.

I'm from FlyEngravity (Robert) have a second hand ProLine-glareshield got to put it to the test on the Desktop MIP.

This ProLine glareshield has a V-shape, and fit – and after a few minor adjustments, even on the Desktop MIP.

To the left and to the right, there should be a couple of additional holes to be drilled (and tapped) for further confirmation. The bevestigingsgaatjes on both glareshields are not all the same. The plug-in in both glarewings will also fit, such as on the desktop.

Also, the MIP support on both sides, do I need to adjust. I have a portion of the MIP frame to wegzagen, so that the 2 front windows, a beautiful sink the new glareshield.

This ProLine-glareshield, I will be finished with the front face (above the MCP) of the blade and cutting board, hold it with a rubber strap. In this comic strip, I met with a autoafbraak, and it served as a confirmation of the front windshield (inside). The rubber band 8 mm in thickness it fits perfectly on the edge of the glareshield.

Furthermore, as the icing on the cake, I have on the top of the glareshield is a holder (Folder Pocket) is used. I have found this to be an ideal place to go is to get a flightlog, or plan to store them during the flight.

This card holder is a B737-replica - of Flight Deck Solutions. Despite the fact that we are dealing here with a replica of the houderopening on the small side. I also had more of the quality you expect. The holder is made of a thin plastic material, and it is not too tight. For a ‘handy Harry’s not good. Make it yourself and so on ...


The MIP is equipped with a 4-hoofdmonitoren:

  • LCD for ACER Widescreen X193HQ for the Capt side PFD/ND);
  • LCD for ACER Widescreen X193HQ for the F/O side PFD/ND)


  • TFT-10,4 Inch for the Upper Eicas


  • TFT 12 " for the Lower Eicas;








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