The CDU-position (CDU-bay, is constructed of MDF panels (Brico/Gamma 6 mm (the side panels) and X 12 mm (front-panel).
The dwarsbalkjes are a scratch on the bars of the 35 mm.

The screws for the side panels and the bars will have to confirm can counter-sunk head (30 mm x 4 mm).
The idea is to let them sink in to the MDF and then close it and lubricate it with houtplamuur.

The screws on the front panel are used too spaanplaatschroeven, but with a round face (30 mm x 4 mm). In fact, it is the intent of these screws are to the front.


The size that I wanted to use it as a guide, these are the FlyEngravity CDU-state. Taking into account that the aluminum will work between 2 and 3 mm and I am using MDF board 18 mm thick (table top surface) and 6 mm (with side panels and CDU mode).
So I have to be a compromise between the two.
The normal width of the inner side is (510 mm). I have some extra 10 mm) (520 mm) is added in order to ensure that you can get the 12 inch, TFT color, for the Lower EICAS’).

Taking into account the thickness of the side panels of the MIP mode (18 mm), the thickness of the side panels and CDU mode (6 mm), and 10 mm in inner PARLIAMENTARY stand to lose here 30 mm etc.oh.d. the normal area to the rudder (500 mm). Therefore, it is 470 mm.

The depth at the berth, CDU, and LCD), it is dependent on how long the CDU's and the COLOR of his. This is a 12 ” LCD is the same as the CDU (of the coincidence of different regions of the world.


In the table, in the PARLIAMENTARY mode is, again, depending on how high up or deep into the landscape, CDU, and LCD are. The CDU can't live without it behuizingskastje to be built, and this is because it is expired, then the warranty.
Again, these are levels of CDU, and LCD (with the windowframe, the same. Just have to be gegoocheld the dummy CDU. This is in no case partly on the basis of COLOR was put in and should be good right out of the left-hand side of the windowframe, and the right-hand side, with the end of the CDU-state.

The front is closed with a sheet of plywood plate 12 mm. The top is a bit of a planed down at the edges a bit to round out and the bottom is square cut to properly fit on the bottom panel.

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