To be a pushback to carry out used the average flightsimmer is the key combination Shift+P for the straight backward movement of the aircraft followed by the 1 key (to the left) or 2 (to the right) for making the bend.

The intention is a pushback procedure smoothly where you, as a pilot in your cockpit in real-time in the mic of your headset begins to talk to a virtual headset operator (aircraft marshaller) of the ground crew.

The headset operator will report in due time, communication with the cockpit (flightdeck), meanwhile with the automatic start of the pushback movement of the plane (Shift+P). This with the necessary realistic background noise there.

The complete pushback motion can continue automatically or semi-automatically be finished.

M. a.w. by a few sentences to say the whole pushback procedure is started and handled in a realistic and simple way. Only requires a bit of preparation and handiwork to everything ‘in the scene’.

How it all should be found at the following link :

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