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Aft Raceway Covers

On the floor of the cockpit and in line with the ‘Aft siderwall liner’ can be found on both sides of the Aft Raceway covers’.

Under this black ribbed lids are a mass of bundles of wires and cables that go to the front in the direction of instrument panel walk. Matter to anywhere.

It is also the habit of the crew that they all put their bag with vliegdocs in places ...

Explanation + pictures of the construction of this ‘Aft Raceway Covers’ is to be found at the following link :


Oxygen Panels – Flybycockpits

I have ‘Oxygen panels (O2)’ purchased at Flybycockpits. As all the hardware of Flybycockpits these ‘Oxygen panels very nice and well made with lots of attention to detail.

The delivery is very quickly done. Picked up by the parcel delivery service TNT in Portugal and the following day in the afternoon delivered to your home ...
The ‘O2 panels were also packed very well for shipping.

The service of Flybycockpits (Vitor Sequeira do Amaral) is excellent. Quick responses to emails and the support is helpful and fast. Top !

The panels are later incorporated into the tables of the sidewalls.

The ‘Oxygen panels that I already had from RSP (CatIII) to purchase.

Additional images :


Foot Air Windshield Air

The Foot Air/Windshield Air switches are a part of the Lower Panels.

The switches with the panel are difficult or not available in the trade. Via a tip from Carlos Hermida, I have the switches can be buy at Conrad.

The panel with the pillow I have no ‘hardware supplier’ can be found. Therefore, I have to make.

Explanation + pictures of this artifact is to be found at the following link :


AFT Sidewall Liner

This rear portion of the sidewall close to the ‘Fwd sidewall liner, and thus form together one whole.

The side has a vent and also a space in which certain things may be storing such as documents or the gear pin.

Explanation + pictures of the construction of the ‘sidewalls’ is to be found at the following link :











In a real B737 cockpit, one can see that the metal plates on various places are attached with special nails with round head (rivets?).

To the idea and example of Jan Willem Severijnen, I have my cockpitvloer also equipped with the necessary ‘body piercings’.

With photos of the real I tried the cockpitvloer in the right places with nails. In total, I have 342 nails ingeklopt.

The description and pictures >










Gate Monitor – ProSimUtils

When we go on a trip, we have all noticed at the airport , the tv screens at the gate entrance with the flight number and airline, i.e. the ‘gate monitors’.

So ProSimUtils (PSU) also an extra ‘feature’ to be a "gate monitor" to simulate it. Not immediately something which is necessary in a homecockpit but a ‘gadget’ that the whole is a bit more realistic look.

Info and images :










Manual gear extension access by

I have the cockpitvloer improved by the ‘Manual gear extension access by’ adding to it.

This panel is found at the rear right of the ‘avionics pedestal’ and need to manually the landing gear to activate.

I have this version of the ‘Manual gear extension access by’ only with the ‘door’ (panel) that is mounted on the cockpitvloer.
The facilities such as the compartment under the floor with the different handles with I omitted.

Info and images :










Voice activiated pushback

To be a pushback to carry out used the average flightsimmer is the key combination Shift+P for the straight backward movement of the aircraft followed by the 1 key (to the left) or 2 (to the right) for making the bend.

The intention is a pushback procedure smoothly where you, as a pilot in your cockpit in real-time in the mic of your headset begins to talk to a virtual headset operator (aircraft marshaller) of the ground crew.

The headset operator will report in due time, communication with the cockpit (flightdeck), meanwhile with the automatic start of the pushback movement of the plane (Shift+P). This with the necessary realistic background noise there.

The complete pushback motion can continue automatically or semi-automatically be finished.

M. a.w. by a few sentences to say the whole pushback procedure is started and handled in a realistic and simple way. Only requires a bit of preparation and handiwork to everything ‘in the scene’.

How it all should be found at the following link :

maxresdefault (1)







FWD Sidewall Liner

The forward sidewall’ (Capt and FO) is found under the ‘Dv Window armrest/Chart holder is comprised of a table and vertical panels.

In the table the holes for the installation of the ‘folder panel light’, ‘oxygen panel’, ‘console document pocket’ and ‘drink cup holder’.

In the vertical panels, there are openings for the steering tiller’, ‘ashtray’ and ‘audio port’.

Explanation + pictures of the construction of the ‘sidewalls’ is to be found at the following link :










Sidebar sidewalls

For the construction of the sidewalls or sides of the cockpit, I first started with the thick sidebar from the front/side MIP runs to the back of the cockpit.

This bar is located between the Dv Window armrest/Chart holder’ and the ‘sidewalls’.

Images and info of this sidebar is to be found at the following link :










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