The ‘circuit breakers’ (CB’s) are the different electric fuses that are to be found in a B737.

The CB-panels that are to be found in my homecockpit come from Flybycockpits (Portugal).

In total, the 10 panels of which 7 pieces for the FO side and 3 pieces for the Capt side. This number I have supplemented with additional panels that are not by Flybycockpits be delivered.
This extra homemade panels are:

  • small headphone panel at the top of the Capt-side;
  • ‘latch’ panel at the bottom left of the FO-side;
  • expansion of the panel, P6-STBY (Power Control Unit);
  • panel with 2 power outlets, 115V AC and 28V DC on the FO side;
  • Handles.

Additional explanations and illustrations are to be found at the following link:

IMG_1193 (Large)