Each and every hobby, has its own trends. This evolution will depend on the technical possibilities available at that time, and, on the other hand, the improvements, or innovations, on the side of the manufacturers and producers.
The development or progression of the hobby, it is primarily dependent on the extent to which their interests reach out to and what his goals are. Each hobbyist will have to self-need to decide on what level he is vrijetijdsbeleving to build, and experience...

I remember in 1975 my very first steps to do in the world of skydiving. My first jump-in and Purchase was carried out at 1200 ft. (400 m) with automatic opening (static line), and with a military parachute (TAP).
This is the first jump was a great experience and it gave me an enormous satisfaction...
After landing, I saw the lord of instructors, with their own parachute from 8300 ft to get out of the plane, I went into a free fall, they were doing for 40 seconds.
For a first-timer like I was, this is waaghalzerij and it is an unattainable thing. Not my cup of tea...

And yet, a few years later, I was out with my own parachute at 10,000 ft in the instruction to free fall to the...

So, you see, but how things can change. Objectives here again is the key.


The same story will be repeated in my new hobby into the world of Flight Simulator. Are you interested in a (virtual) luchtsport, airlines and aircraft types here in the thread.
In the early days, about 15 years ago (we are writing in 1995, with a 386-based computer, a joystick and a couple of floppy disks with a basic version of Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS4). It was a thrilling experience to be on a plane to put it on a landingstrip. The self made areas and the planes were very primitive, made using only the primary colors, and sharp graphics. It was the sound from the pc speaker...

15 years later, he is in the world Microsoft Flight Simulator (as well as others) has become something that can no longer be compared to the years it used to be. The self made areas are in true-to-life and add-on aircraft, high-tech. And, especially, programs, and organizations, such as FSUIPC, WideFS, Teamspeak, IVAO, VATSIM and have a major change brought about by mechanization.
Due to the act or omission of a program such as FSUIPC, is it possible to get off your computer and all the hardware to send it. Hardware manufacturers of the cockpitmodules, panels, trottles, avionics have latched onto it.
The way is open for the cockpitbuiding... "As real as it gets’ !


If you are about a 15-year-'re in flightsim, then you have already been saving to hardware.

The basic joystick to make room for a steering wheel with the rudder pedals, and the CRT monitor to make room for multi-TOUCH screens, and separate trottle and the engine off, a rack of the avionics :

  • Saitek Pro Flight Yoke (steering wheel)
  • Saitek Pro Flight Rudder pedals (voetenstuur)
  • Saitek Pro Flight 3 Liver trottle (x2) (throttles)
  • GoFlight GF-46 Multi-Mode Display Module (or DME distance, QNH, Standard, pres., IT is codes...)
  • GoFlight GF-RP48 Rotary and Pushbuttons (panel-, beacon-, logo-, nav-, strobe-, wing-, taxi-, landing-lights)
  • GoFlight GF-MCP Advanced Autopilot Module and the Mode Control Panel (features)
  • GoFlight GF-166 VersatileRadio Panel, (Radio frequency on Nav1-, Nav2-, Comms, ADF + standbys)
  • GoFlight GF-T8 Toggle Switch Control Module (Batt, avionics, scary, start1, scary, start2, characters arm which, spoilers, the, ice, run, cut)
  • GoFlight GF-P8 Pushbutton Control Module (PATH, XPNR, COM, View, LOCATION, QNH, Standard, pres.)
  • GoFlight GF-LGT (I – levator trim, landing gear, and switchh 3 green Flaps-Up or Down.
  • ButtKicker ( creating vibration as you fly through the low-pitch tones)will sound
  • Headset Plantronics’
  • PC-1 is with FS9, WideFS Server, IVAP, Teamspeak, TS is the Noise, PM, Sound-Active Sky and FSBuild
  • PC 2, IVAE, in Flight Sim Commander:
  • PC3 with Jeppesen Charts, IVAE Map, Area Calculator



In spite of this, not a bad desktopsetup started desktopvliegen in the long term, which ééntonig, and the quest to have a more realistic continued on my way. The desire for more ... and better !

During a visit to the then Luchtvaarthobbyshop (now the The Aviation Megastorein Aalsmeerderbrug, many years ago, I was able to be there in the first desktopcockpit of FlyEngravity for all to admire. It's great to see, but inaccessible to the average flightsimmer. The complex electronics and expensive ...
However, after this visit, the money for cockpitbuildig to continue improving.

A few years later, it was time to pay a visit to the FSWeekend to Lelystad, the netherlands. This year's annual flightsimbeurs, the largest grants are going to be counted in the world. Several flightsimclubs manufacturers and are available with a wide choice of all kinds of hardware and software.

During this visit 07 november, 2009 I have made the decision to get started with building a homecockpit.

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