Have tacticle Sound or ‘tangible sound’ is an interesting addition to the homecockpit (Fixed-Base Flight Simulator).

A " Tacticale Sound System produces low frequency vibrations to the cockpit are to be sent. You ‘feel’ all the mechanical parts due to vibration such as motors, gear up/down, flaps transit, the extended speedbrakes, brakes, etc.

All this gives an additional ‘real flight’ feel to the Capt and F/O.



The ‘Buttkicker Gamer Amplifier’ is a 100 Watt amplifier that is connected to the sound card of your PC (the PC with the sounds of the aircraft). Through this sound card are the low frequencies (bass) through this amplifier is filtered by the ‘ButtKicker Gamer’ converted into vibrations.







This ButtKicker Gamer is by means of a clamp mounted in the cockpit (e.g. under the cockpitstoelen). Through the clamp, the vibrations of the ButtKicker Gamer transferred to e.g. the cockpitstoelen.

The ButtKicker has still other variations and versions. Their website is found on the following link and is also on sale at the various specialized sim-shops such as Simware and the Aviation Megastore.

*** Brochure ButtKicker Gamer ***

A variant of this is the ‘Bass Sheaker’. Here, I have no experience with it.









In my first setup I have only one Buttkicker is used where the ButtKicker Gamer with the clamp, was confirmed under the floor (platform) of the cockpit. Due to the high weight of the complete cockpit was the Buttkicker Gamer too weak to goose the structure be sufficient to vibrate, and that felt all over the cockpit. DUE TO THIS REASON, I HAVE THE BUTTKICKER REMOVED UNDER THE PLATFORM.







In my current setup, I have 2 Buttkickers with a single ButtKicker Gamer mounted under the Capt Seat, and one under the F/O Seat. This arrangement gives sufficient vibrations to work optimally.







The two ButtKicker amps are placed to the left and to the right of the MIP on the floor of the cockpit. In doing so the Capt and F/O the possibility of their ‘personal’ ButtKicker Gamer to adjust to your own needs before and during the flight.


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