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Oxygen Panels – Flybycockpits

I have ‘Oxygen panels (O2)’ purchased at Flybycockpits. As all the hardware of Flybycockpits these ‘Oxygen panels very nice and well made with lots of attention to detail.

The delivery is very quickly done. Picked up by the parcel delivery service TNT in Portugal and the following day in the afternoon delivered to your home ...
The ‘O2 panels were also packed very well for shipping.

The service of Flybycockpits (Vitor Sequeira do Amaral) is excellent. Quick responses to emails and the support is helpful and fast. Top !

The panels are later incorporated into the tables of the sidewalls.

The ‘Oxygen panels that I already had from RSP (CatIII) to purchase.

Additional images :


Foot Air Windshield Air

The Foot Air/Windshield Air switches are a part of the Lower Panels.

The switches with the panel are difficult or not available in the trade. Via a tip from Carlos Hermida, I have the switches can be buy at Conrad.

The panel with the pillow I have no ‘hardware supplier’ can be found. Therefore, I have to make.

Explanation + pictures of this artifact is to be found at the following link :


AFT Sidewall Liner

This rear portion of the sidewall close to the ‘Fwd sidewall liner, and thus form together one whole.

The side has a vent and also a space in which certain things may be storing such as documents or the gear pin.

Explanation + pictures of the construction of the ‘sidewalls’ is to be found at the following link :










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